PS5 Slim Model Apparently Leaked, Detachable Disk Drive

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An apparent PlayStation 5 Slim model has been leaked on social media by Twitter/X user @BwE_Dev.

The PlayStation 5 Slim has long been rumored considering Sony’s release habits surrounding its flagship console. All previous PlayStations have received a Slim version at some point in their life cycle, and it seems we’re getting closer to a PS5 Slim. In the video, @BwE_Dev (embedded below) shows off the model and other popular gaming accounts have been retweeting it causing the term PS5 Slim to trend again.

Check out the video below.

PS5 Slim Model Apparently Leaked, Detachable Disk Drive

Immediate reactions to the video highlighted two aspects. One, the disk drive appears detachable. Two, that the actual unit isn’t all that slim.

A detachable disk drive perhaps implies that Sony isn’t planning on releasing two editions of the PS5 Slim. The original PlayStation 5 was sold with a disk drive and without a disk drive. The latter had a $100 price cut with the downside that players are relegated to downloading and storing all the games they want to play. Digital games have become more and more popular, but some still prefer having a physical copy and disk, especially collectors.

Perhaps Sony decides to release a digital only version and then sells an attachable disk drive separately.

As far as the device’s actual width and height, it’s hard to tell the dimensions and if a Slim tag is even appropriate. The device doesn’t look slim from the video, but we’ll have to wait to see actual comparisons to the standard model.