Pokemon Sleep: Every Curry and Chowder recipe

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Pokemon Sleep is a very slow-moving game. As such it becomes really hard to experiment with the game’s various recipes as it can take a day or two to build up a surplus of ingredients. And then time after time you end up with a “mixed salad”, “mixed curry”, or “mixed juice”. Luckily, I’ve got all the recipes for you right here in this handy little cookbook of a site.

In this one, we’re going to go into the various curry and chowder recipes that some of the Snorlax thrive off of.

Curry and Chowder Recipes

  • Mixed Curry
    • (no description)
      • Any random ingredients that isn’t in a recipe.
  • Fancy Apple Curry
    • A simple curry that lets the natural sweetness of it’s apples shine
      • 7 – Fancy Apple
  • Solar Powered Tomato Curry
    • A curry made using tomatoes that have turned bright red in the sun.
      • 10 – Fiery Herb
        5 – Snazzy Tomato
  • Beanburger Curry
    • The tender bean patties are the star of the show in this curry
      • 7 – Bean Sausages
  • Mild Honey Curry
    • A mild curry containing plenty of honey. Kids gobble it down!
      • 7 – Honey
  • Drought Katsu Curry
    • The freshly-fried cutlet has a nice sparkle to it.
      • 7 – Bean Sausage
        5 – Pure Oil
  • Grilled Tail Curry
    • The tasty tail elevates the flavor of the curry roux to the next level.
      • 8 – Slowpoke Tail
        25 – Fiery Herb
  • Dream Eater Butter Curry
    • The ingredients in this curry all share a connection to deep sleep.
      • 18 – Soft Potato
        15 – Snoozy Tomato
        12 – Soothing Cacao
        10 – Moomoo Milk
  • Spicy Leek Curry
    • The roasted leeks are fragrant and sweet as fruit, perfectly balancing the spicy roux.
      • 14 – Large Leek
        10 – Warming Ginger
        8 – Fiery Herb
  • Spore Mushroom Curry
    • A curry that puts you to sleep just as surely as the move Spore.
      • 14 – Tasty Mushroom
        9 – Soft Potato
  • Egg Bomb Curry
    • A curry made with oodles of love. Its ingredients are geared toward kids.
      • 12 – Honey
        11 – Fancy Apple
        8 – Fancy Egg
        4 – Soft Potato
  • Hearty Cheeseburger Curry
    • This voluminous curry is large enough to astound even a Snorlax
      • 8 – Moomoo Milk
        8 – Bean Sausage
  • Soft Potato Chowder
    • A thick chowder made from potatoes boiled until practically melting.
      • 10 – Moomoo Milk
        8 – Soft Potato
        4 – Tasty Mushroom
  • Simple Chowder
    • You can really taste the richness of the milk in this simple chowder.
      • 7 – Moomoo Milk
  • Ninja Curry
    • This tofu curry is said to have been a favorite dish of ninjas.
      • 15 – Greengrass Soybeans
        9 – Bean Sausage
        9 – Large Leek
        5 – Tasty Mushroom
  • Meaty Omelette Curry
    • This curry is topped with a masterfully-cooked omelette that simply melts in the mouth.
      • 10 – Fancy Egg
        6 – Snoozy Tomato
  • Bulk-Up Bean Curry
    • A hearty curry packed with nutrients needed for bulking up.
      • 12 – Greengrass Soybeans
        6 – Bean Sausage
        4 – Fiery Herb
        4 – Fancy Egg

If you haven’t noticed, several of these recipes require a TON of ingredients so they’re not really worth attempting until you’ve leveled up your Pokemon to a high enough level where you actually have a surplus of ingredients after cooking or else you’re going to end up saving up by feeding your Snorlax smaller dishes than you should.

Prioritize on leveling up so that your Pokemon helpers bring in more ingredients and then you can mess around with the various recipes. But if you try most of these out of the gate it’s going to be almost impossible as you more than likely won’t even have the ability to use that many ingredients to make things like the Egg Bomb Curry which has 35 different ingredients.