Apex Legends: Every Revenant change coming in Season 18

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The Revenant is one of the oldest and most popular characters that Apex Legends has to offer. The character that everyone knows and loves is about to go through some major changes when Season 18 rolls around. Season 18 officially kicks off on August 8, and there are some things you might want to know about what is happening to the Revenant.

For Season 18 of Apex Legends, the Revenant has been granted with a new Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. The new Passive Ability is called Assassin’s Instinct. Assassin’s Instinct allows the Revenant to crouch much faster and climb walls much faster. On top of this, the Revenant will be able to see low health enemies. They will be highlighted. The enemies that the Revenant hits will be highlighted for the entire team. The great news is that there is no limit as to how many players can be highlighted at once. The more, the better.

The Shadow Pounce is the new Revenant Tactical Ability. Shadow Pounce allows the Revenant to leap forward or hold the charge to leap even further. This may not seem like an over-the-top ability, but when used with the other Revenant Abilities, this one will come in very useful.

Finally, we have arrived at the Revenant’s Ultimate called Forged Shadows. The Forged Shadows Ultimate allows the Revenant to create shadows around of him in order to block any incoming damage. The shadows act as a shield.

If you are an avid user of the Revenant in Apex Legends, you can already tell the major difference between what we are used to and what is coming in Season 18.

If you do not have the Revenant unlocked or not someone who uses him regularly, Season 18 may be a great opportunity to do so. Respawn has confirmed that the Revenant will be free for everyone to use for the entirety of Season 18. However, if you find to enjoy the new and improved character and want to use him past Season 18, he can be unlocked by completing some Apex Legends challenges.

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