Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How Aerith’s memories shape the future

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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a modern reimagining of the classic RPG, has captivated players with its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and nostalgic storytelling. However, eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice a peculiar plot hole that left them pondering its implications for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Thankfully, Square Enix has now offered an official explanation to shed light on this enigmatic mystery.

The explanation, shared on the Japanese Final Fantasy 7 Remake Twitter account and translated by Siliconera, revolves around an intriguing encounter between two central characters – Aerith and Cloud. In the game, when they first meet, Aerith astutely identifies Cloud as an ex-SOLDIER and calls him either a mercenary or a jack-of-all-trades, depending on the language version. This observation puzzled fans since there was seemingly no prior interaction between the two characters to justify such knowledge.

Many speculated that Aerith’s familiarity with Cloud’s background might be due to her association with Zack, a character from Crisis Core, who was also part of SOLDIER. However, Square Enix’s recent tweet sheds new light on the matter. According to the explanation, Aerith possesses vague memories of future events, which allow her to be aware of Cloud and other characters before formally meeting them.

This revelation raises intriguing possibilities for the forthcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, as the developers seem intent on exploring the theme of destiny and its malleability. Rebirth is not a mere retelling of the original game’s narrative; instead, it presents an opportunity to play with familiar plot points and introduce new twists.

The tweet further reveals that the Whispers, the enigmatic arbiters of destiny within the game, influence Aerith’s memories. Whenever one of these ethereal beings touches her, they erase some of her knowledge of the future. Despite this interference, Aerith’s ability to foresee events allows her to potentially alter the course of destiny itself.

As fans eagerly await the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, set for early next year and spanning two discs due to its vast scale, numerous questions linger. How will Aerith’s unintentional precognition shape the narrative? Will Zack, with his connection to both Aerith and SOLDIER, play a more significant role in the story? And most poignantly, will Aerith’s tragic fate be predicted, potentially altering the course of events?

Square Enix’s willingness to delve into these complex themes and intertwine them with a nostalgic narrative promises an enthralling experience for both longtime fans and newcomers. The enigma surrounding Aerith’s knowledge and its repercussions on the story’s evolution make Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth an eagerly anticipated chapter in the beloved franchise’s ongoing legacy.

As we await the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the speculation around the impact of Aerith’s foreknowledge is growing among fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. The concept of destiny, free will, and the potential to alter the course of events will undoubtedly be central to the game’s narrative, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to an already beloved story.

The revelation that Aerith’s memories can be affected by the Whispers, the guardians of fate, adds another intriguing dimension to her character. The Whispers’ interference could create tension and uncertainty, as players may wonder if certain events will unfold as they remember from the original game or if Aerith’s newfound awareness will alter the outcome entirely.

Moreover, Aerith’s unintentional precognition raises questions about other characters’ hidden knowledge. Will other party members possess similar foreknowledge, and if so, how might they react to the unfolding events? The potential for character dynamics to shift dramatically as they grapple with their awareness of the future adds excitement to the upcoming release.

Fans are also eager to learn more about the role of Zack in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. With Aerith’s memories extending to her connection with Zack, his presence in the story could hold more significance than ever before. The relationship between Aerith, Cloud, and Zack could take center stage as the game explores their intertwined destinies and the impact of choices they make along the way.

Perhaps the most emotionally charged aspect of Aerith’s newfound awareness is the question of whether she will predict her own tragic fate. The prospect of her potentially altering her future, especially her iconic and heart-wrenching death, has fans on the edge of their seats. This adds a poignant layer to the narrative, as players grapple with the moral dilemmas and consequences of tampering with destiny.

The Final Fantasy franchise has long been celebrated for its captivating storytelling, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s success reignited the passion of fans worldwide. With Rebirth poised to expand on the narrative and explore new storytelling avenues, players are excited to delve into a world where their choices could reshape the characters’ destinies.

As we count down the days to the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the anticipation only grows stronger. Square Enix’s decision to address the plot hole in Final Fantasy 7 Remake has not only provided clarity but also sparked intrigue about the possibilities that lie ahead. The melding of nostalgia with fresh storytelling elements promises to make Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth a milestone in the franchise, further cementing its place as an iconic series in the gaming industry.