Payday 3: Everything you should know about the Closed Beta

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It has been ten years since the release of Payday 2. 10 years later, the Payday franchise is getting its third entry into the main series, Payday 3. Payday 3 is set to be released on September 21. However, before we get to the release date, we need to first get through the Closed Beta.

The Closed Beta for Payday 3 takes place from August 2 through August 7. This five-day period will run on PC Steam and Xbox Series X|S consoles. While Payday 3 is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5 consoles as well, PS5 owner will be out of luck in terms of playing the Closed Beta.

How to get access to the Payday 3 Closed Beta.

The Closed Beta won’t be offered to everyone who wants to play it. Instead, developers Starbreeze will choose based off of all of the submissions that they receive. Hence why this is called a Closed Beta and not an Open Beta.

If you are interested in applying for the Closed Beta, you have a couple of options. Steam users can travel to the official Payday 3 Steam Page and scroll down until you see the “Request Access” button. If you are looking to join the Closed Beta on Xbox, you will need to travel to the Xbox Insider Hub. From there, make your way to the “previews” and choose Payday 3. This is where you will be able to sign up for Xbox users.

When you are finished signing up, the waiting game begins. If you are chosen by the developers, they will reach out to you via email that they would like you to play the Closed Beta. If you are not chosen, you will most likely not be receiving anything further. Keep a lookout in those emails.

Everything the Payday 3 Closed Beta has to offer.

If you are one of the selected participants for this Closed Beta, you are in for five days of heists. The Closed Beta will allow you to play as the original four characters: Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf. Every difficulty will also be available as well. If you are looking to go guns blazing, you might want to play on the hardest difficulty. If you want to sit back and take it easy, there are easier options available to you.

The Closed Beta is just the appetizer before you receive the full course on September 21. This means that the level cap is Infamy Level 22, and Weapon Level Progression is maxed at just eight. After all, Starbreeze wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun.

If you want to get in on the Payday 3 Closed Beta, go ahead and sign up before it is too late. The sooner you do it, the better chance you will have to get chosen.

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