Is Resident Evil 5 Getting a Remake in 2023?

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The revolutionary series, Resident Evil, has left its mark on the survival horror genre since it started in 1996. It thrusts players into a zombie-infested world where characters fight off hordes of people with viruses.

Capcom has been rolling out Resident Evil remakes for a while. The developers began with the remastered version of the original Resident Evil, released in 2002, and ended with the 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake. This is arguably the hottest the Resident Evil franchise has been ever considering how popular 7 and 8 were and how well received the remakes were. A major turnaround from less than 10 years ago when Resident Evil 6 was the weakest and most controversial entry in the franchise.

What does that mean for Resident Evil 5? Are we going to get a remake and fight antagonist Albert Wesker one more time in a volcano?

Is Resident Evil 5 Getting a Remake?

While Capcom hasn’t confirmed a Resident Evil 5 remake, we’ll likely get one. Though, the likelihood of a 2023 release is low.

Some label this title racist because it features African enemies being slaughtered by a white protagonist, Chris Redfield. However, Resident Evil 5 is the best-selling title of the franchise, so a remake of the game seems inevitable.

On top of that, the success of the remastered versions of Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4 will probably encourage Capcom to remake the fifth game.

If you can’t wait for the remake, play Resident Evil 5 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam. This title is the first installment in the series that features a co-op mode, so grab some friends to help you explore the outbreak in Africa.