Remnant 2: How to unlock secret Invader Archetype

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How to acquire the Wooden Shiv in Remnant 2

This next part will require you to progress to the ending stages of Remnant 2. You will need to travel to Corrupted Harbor which is on Root Earth. Root Earth is one of the last locations available to players in Remnant 2.

You will need to continue through the entire Corrupted Harbor until you reach a building that is glowing entirely with this red light. There is a checkpoint inside the building. Clear out the enemies in the Machine Room and head through the door on the lowest floor. Follow this pathway downward and you will see a giant open area with dead enemy on the ground. Before you are able to do anything more, clear out the giant open area of all the enemies trying to kill you.

Take your previously acquired Dreamcatcher and make your way over to the dead enemy with the blue glow. Use the Dreamcatcher on the enemy and you will receive the Walker’s Dream Consumable. Use the Walker’s Dream Consumable and you will be teleported to an alternate dimension that has the exact same layout of the one you just were in.

In this alternate dimension, you will have to make your way back down to the giant open area where the dead enemy glowing in blue was. When you return to this area, you will notice that the enemy is no longer dead and instead trying to kill you. Once you defeat the enemy, your reward will be the Wooden Shiv.

Now that you have the Wooden Shiv, you can travel to Ward 13 and talk to your good buddy Wallace. Wallace will allow you to then Craft the Serrated Root Blade. Once the Serrated Root Blade is crafted, you can equip it and you will have access to the Invader Archetype.

It was a lot of work to unlock the Invader Archetype, but it will be well worth it. Remnant 2 is going to take you on a lot of different adventures and unlocking the Invader Archetype is just one of many of them.

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