Will There be a Fortnite Movie in 2023?

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As more and more video games are adapted to the big screen, fans are wondering if there will be a Fortnite movie in 2023.

Epic Games has a great opportunity to bring their Battle Royale to life for audiences around the world. With seasons of lore and countless recognizable characters and POIs, Fortnite could fill a movie with OG personas set in the Season 1 map everyone loves.

A few months ago, Epic Games CCO, Donald Mustard hinted at the possibility of getting a Fortnite movie greenlit “by any studio in a second.” So, is there any hope that we will see a Fortnite movie in the upcoming five months?


Will There be a Fortnite Movie in 2023?

No, there will likely not be a Fortnite movie in 2023. There are no current plans for a Fortnite movie to made, but a lot of interest surrounds the possible project that could lead to a movie in the following years.

Fast X director, Louis Leterrier, spoke on his desire to make a Fortnite movie at a San Diego Comic-Con panel.

"“The game is incredible. The characters…I mean, there’s so much more to be told. It’d be funny. It would be full of action and everything,” said Leterrier."

Mustard, however, revealed there are no plans for the game to come to the big screen just yet.

"I don’t know. To me, I wanna do stuff that always just feels authentic and is a great story. And so, it’s not something we’re actively working on right now. I’m not gonna say it would never happen.”"

Although fans eager for a Fortnite movie in 2023 might be disappointed, all factors indicate an adaptation could be coming in the distant future.