How to Change Appearance in Pikmin 4

Nintendo, screenshot captured by CaLea Johnson
Nintendo, screenshot captured by CaLea Johnson /

When people heard about Pikmin 4 in the 2022 Nintendo Direct, fans of the franchise went wild. Nintendo announced several changes to the series, including new types of Pikmin, a co-op mode, and Dandori Battles.

Character customization is another new and exciting addition to the franchise. Now, players can feel like they’re in the story for the first time!

If you like to change your character’s looks as much as I do, continue reading to find out how.

How to Change Appearance in Pikmin 4

You’ll have to talk to the stylist named Puddle to change your character’s appearance. He’s not available upon starting the game, though. You must rescue him to unlock the ability to alter your looks.

Rescuing castaways in caves is the only way you can eventually save Puddle. Every player unlocks the same NPCs in a particular order, no matter which caves are explored. You must retrieve nine civilians until it’s possible to rescue Puddle.

After you rescue the fashionable civilian, he’ll appear at the base camp. Puddle stands near a flower bed between Schnauz, the treasure appraiser, and Kingsly, the florist.

Walk up to Puddle and press A to speak to him. After he’s done talking, click “Update my Look.” You can change your skin tone, stature, face, hairstyle, hair color, suit color, and name. Press A again to confirm your changes.