Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know about new Routes feature

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Niantic is constantly trying to find new ways to keep Pokemon GO fresh and up to date. Having a mobile app that doesn’t really qualify for a sequel, it is always important to continuously updating your app to add new features. The newest feature to be added into Pokemon GO is the addition of “Routes.” Routes were added alongside the start of the Blaze New Trails Event and

Routes make Pokemon GO more interactive

Pokemon GO was created as a way to be interactive with the community around you. With the addition of Routes, Routes are a feature that make the game even more interactive. Routes are exactly what they sound like they would be. They are paths that are created so that you can show off interesting places in real world locations.

Routes can be created by users to show a scenic path that you can take on your Pokemon GO adventure, or they can be created to showcase the best path to travel to catch certain Pokemon.

If you are interested in seeing what Routes users have created, all you have to do is scroll over to the Routes tab. Here you can view tons of different Routes that were created by fellow Pokemon GO players. You can choose whichever path looks the best to you and you can follow along on a user created path. Like I said, these Routes could have been created for a multitude of different reasons. Maybe this path was the user’s favorite walking route to see some iconic landmarks or maybe the path was created because there are rare Pokemon spawning in that area. You can browse through and select whichever Route looks best for you.

How to create your own Route in Pokemon GO

If you have a really special Route that you like to take when you are playing Pokemon GO, you can share that with the Pokemon GO community. Creating a Route is almost just as simple as choosing a Route to follow.

When creating a Route for the Pokemon GO community, you first want to choose a Pokestop or Gym as your starting point. You will then be able to hit the record button and begin mapping out your Route. Once you finished creating your set path, you are going to want to fill out any last bit of information needed to submit your Route. Once submitted, it will need to go through review before players can start using the Route you created.

Not everyone is going to create new Routes for players to try, but there are some bonuses available for using Routes. Some of the bonuses include earning Buddy Candy more quickly, earning extra XP, and even earning a Buddy Heart for your current buddy Pokemon upon completing a Route.

Now that you know how the new Routes feature works in Pokemon GO, what Routes are you excited about sharing with the Pokemon GO community?

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