Diablo IV Season 1: Best Ice Sorceror Skills and Aspects

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There are 13 good aspects to use for this build. Unfortunately, you will only have a max of 10 and that goes down to 9 if you utilize a two-handed weapon. The following is the order you should prioritize the aspects for this build:

  1. Aspect of the Protector – Gives you a barrier for damaging elite enemies. This works great against mobs and especially bosses. Since barriers stack, you can pop your ice armor right afterward. Remember. Barriers make enemies behave as if frozen, so you also get extra damage against the boss.
  2. Aspect of Control – increased damage to frozen, stunned and immobilized enemies. This doubles if you have a 2H weapon and 50% increase on amulets. Huge for this build.
  3. Conceited Aspect – Increased damage while you have a barrier active. Since we’ll have a barrier up most of the time, it’s a permanent damage increase.
  4. Piercing Cold – Ice Shards pierce through enemies with each hit doing slightly less damage. This helps hit more enemies with MUCH less mana usage in 1 attack.
  5.  Glacial Offensive – Your blizzard deals exploding spikes damaging enemies with an also 15% bonus boost to frozen enemies. So, after blizzard freezes enemies, subsequent uses deal 15% more damage each use. Shards also bounce off these enemies to others due to the upgrade in skills.
  6.  Frozen Memories – the Avalanche passive gives you a 2nd cast of not using mana. This means you get two attacks of blizzard or shards in this build back to back which cost no mana. This is huge as it helps offset the big nerf. Also, since blizzard does not require a cool down, you can use it to help slow and crowd control enemies.
  7. Frostblitz – Frost Nova gets a 2nd use but the cooldown time in between each increases. The increased time here is no big deal as Nova is upgraded to the max in skills. Remember, with your other skills working, you aren’t going to need the Nova back to back and can hold off a bit which will lower your cooldown time in between. This is a drop (not a codex) so you can replace this as you find new ones with lower cool down %’s.
  8. Umbral – restores mana for each crowd controlled enemy. This means frozen, stunned or immobilized enemy regen mana for you.
  9. Prodigy – Using a cool down restores some mana.
  10. Crowded Sage – Heals certain amount per second for each enemy near you that caps at about 13 enemies.
  11. Encased – This is more of a niche aspect due to our build setup. It heals you while Deep Freeze ultimate aspect is active and essentially heals your full health. It sounds good, but our build allows us to take some damage with our barriers. If we do happen to get hit, we can simply pop potions while it’s active to restore our health in order to get the benefits of the other aspects.

The last two come from gear. The first is the Iceheart Brais unique pants. This gives enemies a chance to unleash a Frost Nova if they die while frozen. The other is penitent greaves which leaves a frost trail behind you as you walk that chills enemies. The Iceheart also grants you movement speed and more crowd control duration, which is good until you reach a new piece of gear at higher level. If you find you like one of these more, you can always swap your aspects around to take one out.

These skills and aspects will offset the awful nerfs from the season one patch while also help maximizing your build all around anyway. Let us know below what you think and send us info on your favorite builds in Diablo IV for sorcerers.

Diablo IV is out now on PS5, PC and Xbox Series consoles.