Marvel Snap Loki: Release Date, Cost, Power, Ability, Card Art

Marvel / Second Dinner
Marvel / Second Dinner /

Marvel Snap’s Loki, according to dataminers, is expected to arrive sometime in September alongside the release of Loki Season 2 on Disney+.

Loki is one of the most popular characters in Marvel’s history helped by Tom Hiddleston’s live action performances across the cinematic universe. Marvel Snap has quickly become one of the best free-to-play card battlers on mobile. Second Dinner has released seasonal content aligning with other Marvel property releases like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. With Loki Season 2 set to arrive in October, Marvel Snap fans are set to receive Loki themed cards and content in September.

Here’s everything you need to know about Marvel Snap’s unreleased Loki card.

Marvel / Second Dinner
Marvel / Second Dinner /

Marvel Snap Loki Ability

  • On Reveal: Replace your hand with cards from your opponent’s starting deck. Give them -1 cost.

Marvel Snap Loki Cost and Power

  • Cost: 3
  • Power: 4

Marvel Snap Loki Release Date

Loki’s release date has yet to be confirmed, though according to dataminers he will be the season pass card for September.

Loki looks to be one of the most unique cards ever added to Marvel Snap. His addition will likely spawn a new meta creating certain deck archetypes around the Asgardian. He’ll be great at identifying what kind of deck your opponent is playing, but he might also have some value in certain mirror matchups. Loki is extremely unique and his ability might initially appear as somewhat of a casino engine much like Lockjaw or the Agents of Shield archetype.

He’ll combine well with the datamined Mobius M. Mobius and Ravonna Renslayer cards, but it’ll take some time to truly figure out how Loki fits best into the meta. He could be an absolute game changer, or he could be a bit of a dud on release. All Season Pass cards should be exciting to play with regardless.

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