Marvel Snap Conquest Frenzy: How to Get Free Gold Conquest Tickets

Marvel / Second Dinner
Marvel / Second Dinner /

Marvel Snap Conquest Frenzy is a special web-based event allowing players to earn up to seven free Gold Conquest tickets.

Conquest went live in June giving players a brand new Marvel Snap competitive mode to indulge in. The mode focuses on multi-round matches against players with the aim of climbing each individual Conquest ladder. The culminating prize is a special Infinity border for an Avatar marking your successes. As well, players earn a special currency which can be redeemed for rewards like Credits, Gold, Mystery Variants and more.

Conquest Frenzy is running through July 25 giving players a chance to forgo the Proving Grounds and Silver ladders. Here’s how it works.

Marvel Snap Conquest Frenzy: How to Get Free Gold Conquest Tickets

All players have to do is click on the link here and sign in to your Marvel Snap account via Google or Apple ID. Once that’s done, you’re eligible for Conquest Frenzy rewards.

Players have to win 10 matches a day either through Ranked or Conquest to earn a Gold Conquest ticket. The win tracker will refresh each day at 11 p.m. ET and there’s a helpful timer on the website. Players can earn up to a total of seven free Gold Conquest tickets. A nice boost for those wanting to maximize their Infinity Tickets once the ladder opens.

How to Claim Marvel Snap Conquest Frenzy Rewards

Rewards will be sent directly to your account if you are signed up for Conquest Frenzy. There’s no additional steps players have to take.

When Does Marvel Snap Conquest Frenzy End?

According to the website, Conquest Frenzy will end on July 25 at 10:59 a.m. ET.

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