Kang Deck Marvel Snap: How to Outsmart Your Opponent

Marvel / Second Dinner
Marvel / Second Dinner /

Kang decks in Marvel Snap are all about outsmarting opponents and making them second guess choices on the final turn.

Kang the Conqueror is one of the most unique cards in all of Marvel Snap. Much like his comic book character, Kang is all about controlling the timelines in Snap. Kang is a 5-cost card with no power. His On Reveal lets players see what they choose to do before resetting the turn back to square one. He’s very similar to Daredevil in terms of giving players information, though by resetting the turn he can make opponents second guess themselves. Or, better yet, give players who played Kang the information they need to guarantee a win.

He might’ve been a card players passed up on in the Token Shop, but now most will be unlocking him or a limited Variant through Spotlight Caches.

Here are some Kang the Conqueror decks to experiment with in Marvel Snap.

Kang Deck Marvel Snap: How to Outsmart Your Opponent

Galactus and Kang

Galactus was heavily nerfed recently making him more of a niche card than one heavily dominating the ladder. While iterations including Nimrod and Shuri are still decent, Kang is a great card to pair with Galactus.

Players need to be sure they’ll win a location when playing Galactus to get the full effect. Kang allows players to get an insight into what could possibly be played on Turn 6. Though, Kang is very helpful now in Galactus decks because Galactus can’t really be your only win condition any more after his nerf. Playing Kang will allow players to determine whether or not there’s a better final move than just simply dropping Galactus.

Shuri and Kang

Shuri decks are making a resurgence in Conquest and on the Ranked ladder thanks to the pure power these deck archetypes can drop. Outside of Galactus, Shuri and Sauron decks are top tier right now removing negative Ongoing abilities from big cards like Typhoid Mary and Red Skull.

While Taskmaster is a great option to win games, Kang can open up new possibilities players aren’t expecting. For example, instead of building a deck around Red Skull, players can build decks around cards like Captain Marvel with some control elements. Boost up Captain Marvel on Turn 5, and then drop Kang next turn to see what your opponent might do. Cards like Aero can surprise opponents the next turn and win locations players thought were secure.

Agents and Kang

The Agents of Shield archetype is also very popular right now thanks to its unpredictability. To add even more unpredictability to a deck that can add multiple cards to your hand like Agent Coulson and Nick Fury, drop Kang to make opponents really second guess what’s going to be played.