What’s Next from FromSoft after Elden Ring?

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What is FromSoft’s plan after Elden Ring in the Dark Souls style?

FromSoft has confirmed that they are working on Armored Core VI which plans to release on the 25th of August, but after that, we don’t really know, or they haven’t released it to the public what their plans are. The DLC has been announced which falls in line with other FromSoft games where the DLCs were released about a year and two years after release respectively.

Dark Souls 3 notoriously has the hardest DLC with the hardest bosses and areas in the series while also offering new PVP weapons. I do expect the same with Shadow of the Erdtree with Elden Ring. Erdtree enemies notoriously hold Crystal Tears and some Talisman’s which leads me to believe the upgrades are going to be major or there will be tough bosses to get those upgrades.

FromSoft seems to take the same approach Rockstar does which is quality over quantity. With respect to the Dark Souls series, it seems that FromSoft has moved on from that name in favor of Elden Ring due to its open-world nature. Elden Ring does feel in some cases like a Dark Souls 3.5 in the second half of the game as it becomes more linear, but in other aspects feels like its own stand-alone game; regardless of how the critics feel about it or not.

I think the question isn’t whether or not they will make a new Elden Ring game but if they should. With the recent release of Horizon development costs, games are becoming more and more expensive to make. This has been offset by the cost retailers are charging for the games but that doesn’t excuse the development costs either. Not to mention Elden Ring wasn’t immune from bad PC optimization at launch either leading to many updates for the PC version.

Others have also questioned whether or not FromSoft should do an update to Bloodbourne from the PS4 days like The Last of Us got recently. Some, like myself, would also like to see a PC port of Bloodborne to finally experience it as well. Others have argued that Bloodborne is too old at this point like Dark Souls was for me going back to it from Dark Souls 3 with the older mechanics. A remaster of Bloodborne would keep fans interested while they are making a new “Elden Ring” game whatever that may be.

However, with how good Elden Ring was received and presumably how good the DLC will be, I have faith that FromSoft will continue to make games in the long run.

However, in an interview with 4gamer.net, a Japanese gaming outlet, the President of From Software and Director of Elden Ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki all be confirmed a sequel:

"As the director, I’m already working on the next title, so I’ll avoid spoilers for that. In the medium to long term, I’d like to work on fantasy with a higher degree of abstraction than my previous works."

When asked if there are plans for future Elden Ring games, he stated:

"First of all, we will continue to update “ELDEN RING”. Also, as I’ve said so far, in addition to the titles I’m directing, I’m also developing multiple titles directed by directors other than myself, but I’m not at the stage where I can talk specifically about them yet. I’m sorry, but I would appreciate it if you could give me a little more time."

From the sound of it, it sounds as if there are plans for Elden Ring to be updated and to get a sequel whatever that may be. Whatever it is, I’m here for it. Just take your time and give me a great experience.