Diablo IV: How to find Seeds of Hatred

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There is a fair share of currencies available in Diablo IV. One of those currencies that you might have come across are the Seeds of Hatred. Seeds of Hatred are a PvP currency that can only be acquired by visiting the Fields of Hatred which are considered the PvP portions of the map. There are currently only two Fields of Hatred locations in Diablo IV. There is one in the Dry Steppes Region the other in the Kehjistan Region. If you open the map, you will notice these areas are a little bit of a darker red.

How to get Seeds of Hatred in Diablo IV

Once you travel to these regions, a PvP event counter will appear letting you know how many Seeds of Hatred you are carrying. Just because these are a PvP currency, doesn’t mean you have to participate in PvP play. I know that sounds a bit confusing, but PvP is not necessary.

Collecting Seeds of Hatred is as simple as coming to the Fields of Hatred and slay monsters. The standard monsters in these areas don’t drop a ton of Seeds of Hatred at once, but killing enough of them will quickly see them stack up.

There are also Seething Abominations that can be found in the Fields of Hatred as well. These monsters are a lot tougher than the standard, smaller monsters. The Seething Abominations will be easier to defeat with a bit of a higher level so that you are more well equipped. Since Seething Abominations are a lot more powerful, they drop thousands of Seeds of Hatred upon defeat. Great risk comes with a greater reward.

Slaying monsters and Seething Abominations are the two ways you can earn Seeds of Hatred without engaging in PvP. However, since these are PvP areas of Diablo IV, there are PvP ways to earn Seeds of Hatred as well.

If you are looking to engage in PvP, you will need to open the Diablo IV emotes and choose the “Mark for Blood” option. This will allow you to engage with other Diablo IV players in PvP. You can only kill other players that also have PvP mode activated. This is a great way to earn Seeds of Hatred by looting other players, but it also comes as a big risk to lose all the Seeds you worked so hard for. If you are confident in your PvP skills, this is a fast way to get as many as you can.

Lastly, there are also Baleful Chests that are scattered around the Fields of Hatred Regions. Opening these chests will grant you roughly 1,000 Seeds of Hatred, but it will also earn you a “Bloodmark.” If you are Bloodmarked, you are automatically put into PvP mode and players would be able to kill you and take all your loot. Once you are Bloodmarked, it isn’t as easy as going to your emotes and turning it off to protect yourself from other players. The only way to turn it off is to use the Altar of Cleansing in a nearby town.

How to convert your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust in Diablo IV

To ensure that your Seeds of Hatred are safe and if you want to spend them on great cosmetics for your character, you will need to convert your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust. In order to make the conversion, you will need to travel to an Alter of Extraction in the Fields of Hatred. Once you are here, you can begin the ritual. Once the ritual is underway, you will have to defend yourself from various monsters without dying. Once the ritual is complete, you are now a proud owner of Red Dust.

Red Dust can then be traded with Red Dust Vendors on the map in exchange for some great cosmetics. If you are looking for these Vendors, they are marked on the map with the Red Dust icon.

Now that you know how to convert your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, you are able to go out and stock up on this PvP currency so that you can purchase some pretty unique cosmetics. There are some high risk, high reward options for you to take, or you can take a more passive route to collect Seeds of Hatred. Obviously, the more dangerous options will net you more Seeds in the long run, but there are no right or wrong ways to go about your Seeds of Hatred collecting.

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