5 Rare Apex Legends Skins Everybody Wants, But Likely Will Never Get

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Cyber Punked (Wattson)

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Cyber Punked is another skin for an unpopular Legend that still sticks in our brain. Players might not be rushing to pick Wattson, but if I happened to have the Cyber Punked skin, then I would be playing her a lot more often. The skin gives Wattson pink hair and cat ears to offset her black gear. She has never had that same magenta color hair again.

A recolor of Cyber Punked came out in 2022 called Static Spike during the Fight or Fright Event. The orange might look good for Halloween, but that is about the only time that color works for Wattson, especially compared to the original skin.

Like From the Ashes, Cyber Punked was only available to unlock through an old Battle Pass, and will likely never return (in pink, that is) to Apex Legends.

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