Why Are Your Warzone Lobbies so Sweaty?

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With every new update, Call of Duty: Warzone lobbies seem to get more and more sweaty.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded just launched with new Camo Challenges, an overpowered shotgun, and The Boys Operator skins. As players return to the Battle Royale and explore all the new features, lobbies are becoming increasingly more difficult in all game modes.

Plus, with the World Series of Warzone Stage 2 Finals approaching, you just might catch a popular streamer or Warzone pro in your lobby. Here’s why securing a win on Al Mazrah just keeps getting harder.


Why Are Your Warzone Lobbies so Sweaty?

Warzone lobbies are so sweaty because of skill-based matchmaking. In theory, the game places you with players who match your skill level. SBMM should create fair lobbies, but more often than not, you are stuck with sweaty opponents that make surviving in a 150-player lobby very difficult.

Warzone is also full of hackers. Despite numerous anti-cheat measures, the Battle Royale is still swarmed with people walling or aimbotting. So, not only do you have to deal with actual sweaty opponents, but you also must overcome cheaters. There are less cheaters in Warzone Ranked, but your lobbies are much more likely to be harder in Ranked than a quick Resurgence match on Vondel or Ashika Island.

Warzone player count does typically decrease after the first couple of weeks after a new season, so the best chance at getting an easy lobby will be when the hype of a fresh update dies down.