Marvel Snap Variants: 10 Best Dan Hipp Variants

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Marvel Snap’s Variants are special versions of cards in the game. Variants include different series, artists and can be acquired a number of different ways. They truly keep the game fresh and exciting with players able to customize their decks and favorite cards constantly and consistently. Combined with the Split system, Marvel Snap offers something other card games just simply do not.

Variants can be unlocked through the Season Pass, Collector’s Reserves, Spotlight Caches and more. Finding that one Variant, or finally having the available Gold to purchase it from the daily offerings is something that keeps players coming back.

Marvel Snap Variants: 10 Best Dan Hipp Variants

Dan Hipp is one of the most popular artists in the game, having 127 different card variants in the game. Some are currently unreleased, but have been datamined. There are 10 that stand out as not just great Variants of a specific card, but as some of the best in the entire game.

If Hipp’s art direction seems familiar to you, it’s probably because you recognize his work as Art Director on Teen Titans GO!

Here are our 10 best Dan Hipp Variants in Marvel Snap.