Game-breaking Diablo IV Barbarian Build Hits Undecillion Crit

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The next game-breaking Diablo IV Barbarian build is here, and it just hit undecillion crit against the game’s toughest opponents.

As players await Diablo IV Season 1, they are finding more and more broken builds to exploit come endgame. Despite previous nerfs to the Barbarian class and patched OP builds, there are still ways to completely incinerate enemies that will take over the game until Blizzard eliminates the exploit from their ARPG.

If you think you have played with a broken Barbarian build before, just check out what Diablo IV YouTuber, Rob2628, recently discovered.

Game-breaking Diablo IV Barbarian Build Hits Undecillion Crit

Rob2628 posted a video detailing his “Rend Bleed Barbarian” build that hit for over 35 undecillion critical damage. The unfathomable number contains 36 zeros and puts any other broken Diablo IV build to shame. The build hinges on the interaction between the Skullbreaker’s Aspect, the Aspect of Berserk Ripping, and the Aspect of Anemia, along with Concussion passive damage for stuns. In fact, every stun seems to quadruple your damage as you deliver more strikes.

Ironically, the developers previously disabled the Aspect of Berserk Ripping for a few days to resolve some issues with the affix only to re-enable it, allowing it to become a key proponent of what will surely be the target of Blizzard’s next nerf.

The build is fairly inconsistent, though, and requires a long ramp-up that makes it a little less viable in certain circumstances. An OP Druid build, called “Lightning Shred 2.0” is more practical to use even though it only deals 1.8 billion critical damage.

Diablo IV Season 1 goes live on July 20.

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