Valorant Skin Concept: We Need This Gaia’s Vengeance Phantom Skin

Vegod on Twitter
Vegod on Twitter /

Riot Games needs to bring this creator’s Gaia’s Vengeance Phantom skin to Valorant.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 has already brought new Battle Pass skins to the game, as well as the Neo Frontier skins. Plus, the latest update introduced a new Progression System that finally allows players to obtain cosmetics from previous Battle Passes. There is even going to be a global release for the highly anticipated Kitana Melee skin that was originally only being released in China.

Even with all the recent drops, the Valorant community still regularly produces fan art ranging from Agent concepts to weapon skin upgrades. Content creator, Vegod, is known for designing some of the coolest weapon skin concepts in Valorant, and one of his designs should definitely be in the game.

Valorant Needs to Drop This Gaia’s Vengeance Phantom Skin

Vegod’s Twitter post shows his two variants for a possible Gaia’s Vengeance Phantom skin. One stays fairly close to the original bundle, simply lightning the shade of pink used, but the second variant shows a black and red design that is nicer than Riot Games’ skins. The dark colors make the gun look even more deadly, especially when compared to the icy hues of the original.

Gaia’s Vengeance only released for the Ghost, Guardian, Vandal, Marshal, and Melee in Valorant. There is a great opportunity for Riot Games to further the skin line, similar to the Magepunk 3.0 release. Players would not hesitate to drop another 8,700 VP on something so nice.

In fact, Gaia’s Vengeance 2.0 is rumored to be coming to Valorant, but Riot Games has yet to confirm anything regarding a possible new drop.

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