Insane Diablo IV Druid Build Does Billions of Damage

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An insane Diablo IV Druid Build is going viral for dealing billions of damage against the game’s elite enemies.

Diablo IV, the newest installment of Blizzard’s ARPG series, has now been out for over a month, and players are starting to exploit the most broken builds. In order to access the approaching Diablo IV Season 1, players must first complete the Campaign. Although there is a lot of discourse regarding the best classes and builds for the endgame, one streamer might have just found the deadliest build in the game.

Insane Diablo IV Druid Build Does Billions of Damage

Diablo IV streamer, Moxsy, posted a video showcasing his “Lightning Shred 2.0” build dealing over 1.8 billion damage in a single hit. The Werewolf Shred build takes the Druid class and makes it virtually unstoppable. The build hinges on equipping the Stormclaw’s Amulet, which has Critical Strikes with Shred dealing 45% of the damage dealt as Lightning damage to the target and surrounding enemies.

Combined with Grizzly Rage which will shapeshift you into a Dire Werewolf and increase your Critical Strike Damage by 10%, your critical damage will stack to obscene levels that will basically incinerate enemies. Plus, the addition of Waxing Gibbous guarantees Critical Strikes for 2.1 seconds.

Ironically, the Druid class was originally seen as one of the worst options in Diablo IV. Compared to the Necromancer or Sorcerer, the Druid’s damage was a bit lackluster. Except as more and more players got to the endgame (and more OP builds got nerfed), the Druid emerged as a popular and effective option, especially with Moxsy’s build.

Diablo IV Season 1 goes live on July 20.