When is the EAFC 24 Reveal?

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The EAFC 24 reveal is around the corner as fans prepare for a new era of soccer video games from EA Sports.

EAFC 24 is the continuation of EA Sports’ popular FIFA franchise sans the global body. The two ended their partnership and EAFC 24 is the first title without FIFA in the game. E. A. Sports, FIFA’s not in the game. But, many hope that the new game carries over what’s made the franchise so popular like Ultimate Team while adding new updates to refresh what’s become stale to many.

The Ultimate Edition cover was revealed July 10 featuring 31 of the world’s biggest stars including Erling Haaland, Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, Sam Kerr and many more. As well, a trailer was released unveiling exactly when the gameplay reveal is scheduled for.

The EAFC 24 reveal will take place July 13 giving fans a full look at a gameplay trailer.

This might not be the big grand reveal fans have wanted, but gameplay is a big topic in this new era. FIFA 23 for many was one of the worst entries in the franchise in terms of gameplay. Considering how many diehard Ultimate Team players there are, the new era needs to start on a strong note. There will likely be an Ultimate Team reveal and more throughout the summer.

The gameplay trailer hopefully details updates and changes to core mechanics to make play feel more competitive, authentic, and most importantly, fun.

There’s a fine line to draw between arcade and realistic gameplay, but EA Sports needs to nail it with EAFC 24. Otherwise, fans might be looking forward to whatever developer partners with FIFA next.