EAFC 24 Ultimate Edition Cover Revealed

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The EAFC 24 Ultimate Edition cover was revealed July 10 featuring 31 of the biggest names in world soccer.

EAFC 24 is the next chapter for EA Sports’ popular soccer franchise after its partnership with FIFA came to an end. The Ultimate Edition cover was unveiled on the game’s official Twitter account with 31 players gracing the cover together. Players range from Erling Haaland and Sam Kerr, to Icons like Zinedine Zidane and the late, great Pele.

Check out the cover below.

EAFC 24 Ultimate Edition Cover Revealed

According to leaks on July 6, Haaland was set to be the game’s cover star. The Ultimate Edition could end up being just a special version to celebrate the world’s biggest stars with Haaland serving as the game’s regular edition star.

The community response has been mixed with fans calling out how certain players look. Some are concerned based on the cover that the game’s graphics are going to lack. Though, with many concerned that the end of EA Sports’ and FIFA’s partnership means the end for the storied franchise, having so many players on the cover might be meant to reassure fans that the game is still going to feel similar without the FIFA name.

Part of EA Sports’ marketing has been around how leagues and clubs around the world will be present in EAFC 24. Numerous clubs are certainly represented here, but fans still wonder who will be omitted for a generic video game name come release.

EA Sports FC 24 is rumored to launch Sept. 29.