Diablo IV: How to Earn and Use Smoldering Ashes

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Diablo IV Season 1 is coming next week and there will be a host of new content to enjoy in Sanctuary. One of the new additions is the battle pass, a franchise first. There are three different levels of the pass, but only the basic one gives gameplay items. These include Smoldering ashes, and this is how they work in the game.

Smoldering Ashes are rewards for hitting certain tiers of the battle pass. You’ll earn your first bunch when you hit level 8 and will need to be character level 40 to use them. Allocating them will take some strategy depending on how you wish to play. Smoldering Ashes will be used to upgrade urn, with each urn corresponding to a different upgrade. Some we know so far are as follows:

1. Urn of Aggression – increase your XP earned. First level 3% extra. Four levels to max out.
2. Urn of Bargaining – increase to gold you get from selling items. First level 5% more
3. Urn of Reclamation – increase chances off rare materials from salvage. First level 10% more
4. Urn of Prolonging – increase elixir time. First level 15%
5. Urn of Malignance – increase malignant heart drop rate. First level 5% more.

Smoldering Ashes are a great way to give players extra boosts throughout a season in Diablo IV.

Each Urn has 4 levels to max out, and level 1 for each urn requires one Smoldering Ash. We do not yet know the requirements of the other three levels or which other Urns will be in the game. A quick way to level up is to increase your Urn of Aggression for more XP as well as double dipping an XP elixir that has been increased as well. With an elixir lasting 30 minutes normally, one level increase will get you to 34 minutes and 30 seconds. This will help you max out more quickly, which is a great benefit once the season ends and your characters transfer to the eternal realm.

In order to max out your battle pass, you’ll need to complete the game’s seasonal story line as well as other side quests and Malignant tunnels – seasonal dungeons. We don’t yet know how many or which levels after level 8 you earn Smoldering Ashes on, but we do know they will stop at level 27. That’s the end of the free battle pass and the only section with gameplay oriented items. This means you’ll need to allocate them specifically to your character’s build. They do unlock for all seasonal character’s, so any newly created characters will be able to use ones unlocked right away. The remaining 63 tiers will be comprised of all cosmetic items and platinum (premium pass) in order to use on the in game shop.

The Diablo IV season 1 content will go live on July 20 at 1 PM est.