Is Only Up coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, or Nintendo Switch?

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The hottest PC game of the Summer, Only Up, has completely taken the internet by storm. There are hundreds of Twitch streamers streaming the game. There are tens of thousands of viewers tuning into these streams each day, and YouTube is filled with tons of Only Up content. A simple PC game has turned into a true hit sensation.

If you are unfamiliar with Only Up, the concept of the game is simple. You start your adventure with a teen named Jackie and your goal is to make it to the “top of the world.” By using your parkour skills, you are going to need to navigate different obstacles starting in Jackie’s hometown and making your way up. If you fall off an obstacle on your way to the top of the world, you will be sent tumbling down back towards the ground. However, if you are able to, you may be able to catch your fall on various obstacles on the way down, so you don’t lose too much progress. The goal is simple, but it is harder than it may sound.

With Only Up making such a big splash on PC, many gamers are wondering if the hit game will be making its way to the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, or the Nintendo Switch.

Is Only Up coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch anytime soon?

I’m sure that if you asked developer SCKR Games how successful Only Up would be within the first month and a half of release, they wouldn’t have expected to have this big of a hit. After all, Only Up is the first-ever game that they created, and they really hit a home run with it. With that being said SCKR Games haven’t really commented on whether or not they plan on releasing their game on consoles at some point.

As it appears right now, SCKR Games is going to focus on making sure that Only Up continues to get the best experience possible on PC as part of Steam. Being new developers in the video game industry can be tough and they are doing a fantastic job at making the PC experience top-of-the-line. As many more weeks go by, I am sure that SCKR games will continue to make improvements to make sure the game gets smoothed out a little bit and any bugs that are plaguing the game are squashed.

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Even after players have completed a playthrough of Only Up for the first time, they are playing it over and over again to see who can have the fastest speed run. Right now, players are having a blast on the PC. If SCKR Games do decide to bring Only Up to consoles, I don’t think they will regret it as more and more gamers will be able to play, and it will only give them more recognition.