When is Only Up Coming Back to Steam?

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UPDATE: June 30, 7:56 p.m. ET – Only Up is available on Steam again. The original story remains below unedited.

Only Up was removed from the Steam store on June 30 leaving fans wondering when the game would be coming back.

Fans were unsure why Only Up was removed from the Steam store, but it seems the game might’ve come under fire regarding certain assets in the game. Artist Aboulicious stated on June 29 that the game used one of their assets. The asset was removed from the game in an update, with the developer responding that the character would be back soon and updated.

But, it seems that one removal wasn’t enough as the game was fully removed from Steam on June 30. The exact reason why hasn’t been stated by Valve, but players have made note of numerous assets in the game such as Minecraft chests, an RTX 4090 graphics card, YouTube logos and many more.

When is Only Up Coming Back to Steam?

SCKR Games announced on Twitter that the game would be available on Steam once again soon. That announcement was posted June 30 at 3:35 p.m. ET. As of writing, the game remains unavailable on the store.

So, according to the creator of the game, the timetable is soon. How soon remains unknown, and most would assume that there’s numerous assets in the game that need to be replaced before the game is re-added. There’s nothing stopping SCKR Games from just replacing any questionable assets, or getting rights to whatever assets they want to use. But, as far as exactly when players will be able to buy it again is a mystery. Fans also hope the game makes its way to consoles in the near future.

Those who purchased the game before it was removed can still load up the game in their Steam libraries.