Fortnite Only Up Map Code, How to Play

HeavyblueDZN, BoopNL_ on Twitter
HeavyblueDZN, BoopNL_ on Twitter /

Fortnite has its own Only Up map in Creative thanks to map creator HeavyblueDZN.

The creator and Noble Practice Server has recreated Only Up inside Fortnite Creative. As of writing, it’s actually the closest thing to playing the actual game since Only Up has been removed from Steam following issues regarding possible stolen assets and copyright infringement. Developer SCKR Games confirmed the game would return to Steam soon on June 30.

In the meantime, for those who can’t currently purchase the game, or for those who have beaten it and want a new challenge, players can try the Fortnite version in Creative.

Fortnite Only Up Map Code, How to Play

The map code is: 9056-7343-5884. As well, BoopNL_, owner of Noble Practice Server, is giving away $250 to the two fastest times recorded until July 15.

And, BoopNL_ wants to host a cup event on July 8 featuring eight professional Fortnite players and eight content creators for a $1,000 prize. Keep an eye out for potential talent lineups.

Obstacle courses have long been a popular inclusion in other games, such as Counter-Strike, but the latest phenomenon Only Up has taken the scene by storm. As Only Up is currently delisted on Steam, trying the Fortnite version is a fun option.

Stay tuned for more information regarding updates to Fortnite Only Up and when Only Up could be added back to the Steam store.