Super Mega Baseball 4 review: A solid base hit up the middle

Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports
Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports /
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Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports
Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports /


Super Mega Baseball 4 offers two main online modes: Pennant Race and Online Leagues. Pennant Race is neat as it allows you to join a division with other players online. You do so by playing four games when you start. Once you do that, you’ll be placed in a certain division based on how you performed during the four games. Each game you play is 5 innings long.

The divisions consist of Junior, Senior, Semi-Pro, Pro, All-Star and Legendary. You’ll be playing against other teams to fight for the top spot in your division. Finish in the top three and you’ll win a pennant which will go towards your world ranking. The Pennant Race resets each week.

Aside from Pennant Race, there’s also the aforementioned Online Leagues. These play like “clubs” of sorts as you can choose which league to join. These leagues of course are created by the community and you too can create your own.

Each league owner has their own set of rules that can change up the gameplay, such as having a higher Ego set which is essentially Super Mega Baseball’s difficulty system. Play against other teams in the league to climb up the standings and reign supreme as the best team in the league.

So online play is not bad with two solid options to help get your fix. As with legends, it would be neat to see some more online options in the future. Pennant Race alone is a fun mode though and allows you to put your skills to the test.

Super Mega Baseball 4 (PS5) Score: 8/10

A really fun playing baseball game that mixes arcade with authenticity while featuring some of the sports most legendary players while featuring satisfying pitching and batting mechanics. The new and returning ballparks look great too and add to the environment. However, lack of features like a proper create-a-player mode, Home Run Derby mode and even something small like Replay Mode leaves Super Mega 4 Baseball just shy of a Grand Slam but is a good solid swing up the middle for a base hit to give the team the lead.