Super Mega Baseball 4 review: A solid base hit up the middle

Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports
Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports /
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Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports
Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports /


We already briefly mentioned one of the legends with Mark Beurhle but there are 199 other greats as well. Super Mega Baseball 4 features a great blend of legends from the elite all-time greats to players who, weren’t Hall of Famers, but had very strong, steady careers. It’s one of those things where you might see a player and be like “oh man, I remember watching him when he was with my favorite team”.

The legends all have their own unique league consisting of eight teams. Each of these teams feature a random assortment of greats. The one team that probably stands out the most are the OG’s which features the all-time greats of yesteryear like Babe Ruth and Willie Mays. This frankly is the most powerful of the legend teams, especially with those two icons on the squad. The Boomers is another team featuring old school legends with the great Hank Aaron leading the charge there. A really cool thing about Ruth is that you can use him as either a pitcher or a position player.

Each player in Super Mega Baseball 4, including the legends have a grading system that operates as an overall rating. A grade of “S” is the highest of them all. There are only two legends in the game that have this distinction: Babe Ruth and Randy Johnson.

The aforementioned Aaron and Mays are both a strong A+ (although in all honesty, I feel they should both be S-Tiered too).  Closing pitchers are also highly regarded with legends like Rollie Fingers and Billy Wagner receiving A+ grades among others.

Overall, there is an immensely fun group of legends to play with in the game and it will be interesting to see if EA includes more of them over time. Would be awesome to see greats like Ken Griffey Jr, Albert Pujols and Frank Thomas (yes, I had to slide Frank in there) in the game in the future.


Customization always plays a huge role in sports games whether it’s you building a player or managing an entire team in Franchise mode, creation allows sports fans to play their way. In Super Mega Baseball 4, there are a few solid options for customization.

The biggest thing probably is that you can customize your own league, having the ability to choose how many teams you want in your league and move players around from team to team. You can also swap with current roster players with free agents as well.

You can customize logos, uniforms, etc as well. The logo creator is deep where you can add several layers and make the logo you want. Uniform customization is more basic but can be enough to allow you to have uniforms that suit your style.

So overall, customization is solid. However, one big disappointment is the lack of a true player creator. You can customize free agents to your liking however, changing their name, attributes, position, etc. An in-depth create-a-player mode where you can build a ballplayer from scratch would’ve been nice but the ability to customize free agents is at least something for now.

There’s also a simple but very solid Franchise mode as well where you can take control of things and customize everything to your liking there. Franchise modes are always popular and in-demand with sports games so it’s great seeing it present in Super Mega Baseball 4.