Super Mega Baseball 4 review: A solid base hit up the middle

Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports
Super Mega Baseball 4 screenshot. Courtesy EA Sports /
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Title: Super Mega Baseball 4
Developer: Metalhead Software
Publisher: EA Sports
Platforms: PS5 (reviewed on), PC, Xbox Series, Switch
Release Date: June 2, 2023

Super Mega Baseball 4 is here and the fourth installment in EA’s larger than life arcade style baseball game brings plenty of new things. This includes new ballparks, a new presentation and for the first time ever, MLB legends as David Ortiz graces the cover of the game along with one of SMB’s popular fictional players, Hammer Longballo.

This is also marks the first time in franchise history that EA Sports’ name is officially slapped onto the name. The previous three games were simply EA games and now the franchise is apart of the all-sports side of things.

The game features a few different modes from your standard “Play Now” type mode to Franchise and Pennant Race mode. There are also multiple leagues available, each with their own teams such as the legends league which includes eight teams full of past MLB stars.

You have teams from different leagues face each other. So if you want a legend team from their league facing off against one the fictional Super Mega teams from their league then you can do that. So like the cover art suggests, you can have Ortiz battle it out with Longballo.

With this review we’ll break things down into parts, starting with the gameplay and making our way around the horn (oh look, a baseball reference). This is undoubtedly the most unique game in the series thanks in big part to the addition of legends. Let’s step up to the plate and talk about the gameplay as mentioned.


A signature aspect of the Super Mega Baseball games is its gameplay which is different from most arcade style games. The same vibes return for Super Mega Baseball 4. It’s not just a purely wacky arcade style baseball game, it’s more than that.

This game beautifully blends that fun style and mixes it with an authentic baseball experience featuring realistic batting, pitching and fielding. It does so while bringing us the over the top characters, huge ballparks and whopping home runs gamers know and love from the SMB games.

I compare it to another EA Sports game, the old Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. Those games did a bit of the opposite; give a realistic style golf aesthetic while sprinkling in arcade type of elements like ultra powerful drives and the ability to control the spin of the ball in mid-air.

Thing I love about Super Mega Baseball 4’s hitting is how you can choose to go with a light contact swing by simply tapping a button or you can go for a power swing which is a bit different. With power swings, you’ll actually have to time when you start the swing as your batter lifts his/her leg up to “wind up” the swing as the pitch comes near. Connect perfectly and that ball is a goner. You can hit bombs with the contact swing as well but obviously it’s not going to be as big a no doubter as with the power swing.

Pitching might be my favorite aspect of the gameplay. You can really have a lot of control of your pitch accuracy without it being too complex. As a White Sox fan, taking to the mound with Sox legend Mark Beurhle and striking guys out with his slow, mind bending changeup is very satisfying.

Fielding is the weakest area of the gameplay but it’s very solid. Balls will slow down mid-flight for a short period of time to give you the time to make a spectacular diving or jumping catch. I also love the way throwing feels. You can’t just take your time with it as you’re trying to keep a throwing meter in the green zone. This meter will move fast so you’ll need to time your throws as best you can. Don’t worry, it’s hard, but the speed of the meter can throw new players off at first.