Final Fantasy XVI: How to gain XP and level up fast

Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix
Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix /

Final Fantasy XVI may not be your traditional Final Fantasy RPG experience, but there still are some core role-playing elements. For example, there’s still the whole earning experience (EXP) to level up thing.

If you’re looking to level up quickly in Final Fantasy XVI, there are some things you can actively do to earn experience more quickly. The easiest thing you can do is equip accessories that grant you bonus XP while fighting.

How to get Scholar’s Spectacles (Accessory)

The Scholar’s Spectacles is an accessory that increases the amount of EXP you earn by 10%. Unfortunately, you will only have access to this if you pre-ordered the Standard Edition (Digital), Deluxe Edition (Digital) or Collector’s Edition (Physical) of Final Fantasy XVI. If you pre-ordered any of these editions, you can equip the Scholar’s Spectacles right after you finish Clive’s flashbacks towards the beginning of the game, giving you an early EXP boost. You can access your pre-order bonuses from the main menu.

On Fortune and the Heavens (Accessory)

On Fortune and the Heavens is another accessory that provides an experience boost. Wearing this will provide you with a 15% increase in EXP earned. You can purchase On Fortune and the Heavens at Charon’s Toll for 5,000 Gil once you complete the Home, Sweet Home main story mission. Later on in the game, you can combine two rings of the same type to increase the amount of EXP earned to 30%.

Wages of Warcraft (Accessory)

Wages of Warcraft is an accessory that’s great for AP farming which, in turn, can make it easier for you to gain experience. When equipped, it increases the ability points you earn from normal encounters by 25%. You can purchase the Wages of Warcraft accessory at Charon’s Toll once you complete the Cid the Outlaw main mission.

Complete Hunts

With these three accessories, you can easily farm experience and level up faster in Final Fantasy XVI. Of course, this is all relatively speaking, earning experience will still require a bit of a grind.

One of the recommended activities to earn experience more quickly are Hunts, which are picked up from the Hunt Board in the Hideaway. These side activities are believed to rewarded you with around 10 times the amount of XP you’d get from a normal battle. You can unlock hunts as you progress through the main story. Hunts are far and away the most efficient way to earn experience and level up in Final Fantasy XVI.

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It’s also worth mentioning that another accessory worth investing in to help level faster is The Golden Testament. This accessory increases Gil earned by 35%. With more Gil, you can purchase more powerful weapons and gear to help you defeat enemies more quickly and easily. The Golden Testament can be purchased from Charon for 5,000 Gil.