Final Fantasy XVI: How to enable Timely Ring Accessory cheats

Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix
Final Fantasy XVI. Image courtesy Square Enix /
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How to activate Timely Ring Accessories in Final Fantasy XVI

If some of these Timely Rings interest you or you are simply at a point in your journey where you are stuck and can’t progress any further without a bit of help, activating the Rings are easy.

You don’t have to worry about unlocking all five Timely Rings. In fact, you start out with four of them immediately no matter what difficulty you decide to play on. The only Timely Ring Accessory that has to be unlocked is the “Ring of Timely Assistance” which automatically unlocks after you complete the ninth Main Quest. The others are automatically unlocked from the start.

If you want to turn any of these on, pause the game and scroll over to the “Gear & Eikons” menu. From here you can select which Timely Rings you want to have active. You won’t be able to have all five active at once. At any given time throughout the game, you can only have three of them equipped at once.

If you are worried about not getting Trophies for having the Timely Rings enabled, you don’t have to worry. Every Trophy is available for you to acquire with these cheats activated.

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It is up to you how you want to go about using these cheats. If you abuse them, it might take the fun and experience out of the game. Final Fantasy XVI is supposed to be challenging and it will surely test your skills. I know some people will love to use these and others won’t think twice about even ever trying it. The choice is completely up to you, but completing Final Fantasy XVI without using Timely Rings is a very satisfying accomplishment.