Is there an AFK XP Map in Fortnite?

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Fans looking for the fastest way to level up their Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass should play any UEFN map for free and fast XP. In fact, there is even an AFK XP map in Fortnite that will grant players large amounts of XP for practically doing nothing.

Unlike previous seasons, Fortnite WILDS has not had many quests for players to complete for XP. Despite the Weekly challenges and Transformers crossover, XP is still hard to come by, especially for players who do not grind Epic Games’ Battle Royale. Quickly unlocking the Tier 100 Optimus Prime skin seems impossible just by spawning into matches.

Fortunately, Epic Games recently announced that UEFN islands grant XP for every minute players spend in the custom-built maps. The best UEFN maps range from horror escape rooms to nostalgic Fortnite Chapter 1 maps. There are also some, though, that hand out XP even when a player is AFK.

Is There an AFK XP Map in Fortnite?

There is an AFK XP map in Fortnite called, “One For All.” Head to the Island Code tab in the Discover Section and enter the code, 0002-3371-2934, to spawn into the map. Travel across the water to the 1v1 course, where you will see two oysters. Interact with both oysters to earn XP without even shooting your gun.

You can also remain AFK as your time racks up in the game to earn XP. Or, if you want to make the time pass faster, you can run around and gain 6,000 XP just by traveling 6K. “One For All” is not technically an XP glitch, so the map should not disappear any time soon.

If you get bored of being AFK, check out the five best UEFN maps to play in Fortnite Creative 2.0. Chapter 4 Season 3 is scheduled to end in late August.