Diablo IV: How renown resets with each season

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Diablo IV has been insanely popular so far with millions of hours played and billions of monsters slain. Much of this was during the early access period as well. Exploring, and uncovering the maps, dungeon runs and more have been at the forefront of completionists’ minds. However, what has people concerned is how this “completion” will affect renown and progression from season to season. Well, the dev team provided insight into that and how renown will ”reset” with each season. It’s not ideal, but it’s also not terrible.

Currently, you get renown for each of the game’s five areas in the following manner:

  • Unlocking Waypoints – 20 points.
  • Beating Strongholds – 100 Points.
  • Completing Side Quests – 20 points
  • Areas Discovered – 5 points.
  • Completing Dungeons – 30 points.
  • Unlocking Altars of Lilith – 10 points

Going forward,  the dev team clarified how this will reset when season 1 releases in about a month in mid-July. All of your map progress and altars of Lilith will remain discovered. You will also keep all the bonuses from the altars. The renown for altars and map areas discovered will carry over each season, but that’s it. Waypoints will all be visible, but you’ll need to travel manually to each in order to unlock them. Like I said, not ideal – but not so terrible either.

All renown earned from dungeons, side quests and strongholds will be lost. So, if you are maxed out on renown levels on each area, you won’t be come season one. You will need to redo dungeons, side quests (unknown what new quests will be added yet) in order to max back out. Now, any max obols increased earned in renown will remain, but you’ll need to earn the renown again if you want to gain even more.

However, simple math will tell you that you won’t be able to cheese a potion increase.  Below, we show you how much renown you will start with if you have the regions all cleared when the season starts.

Dry Steppes
Altars of Lilith – 33 = 330 renown
Areas Discovered- 51 = 255 renown
Total renown 585

Altars of Lilith – 34 = 340 renown
Areas Discovered- 56 = 280 renown
Total renown 620

Altars of Lilith – 31 – 310 renown
Areas Discovered- 54 – 270 renown
Total renown – 580

Altars of Lilith – 38 – 380 renown
Areas Discovered  – 70 -350 renown
Total renown 730

Fractured Peaks
Altars of Lilith – 28 – 280 renown
Areas Discovered- 76 – 380 renown
Total renown – 660

As you can see, each area gives us over 500 renown which caps us at the extra potion in each area. So, there won’t be any way to pop more than the current max of 9. Now, this shouldn’t be a problem as you should be able to survive on this many. However, dropping renown from over 2,400 to 600 and change in some cases is a huge nut.

We do not yet know what side quests will be changed or added new for season 1, so we’ll need to wait until we get closer to find out.  While it’s not ideal, it’s not exactly a total hose job either with the rumored full reset before it was clarified by the dev team during their stream. As soon as we get the date and info for season one we will let you know.

Diablo IV is out now on PS5, PC and Xbox Series