Marvel Snap: Five characters we want added to the game

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Quentin Quire (Kid Omega)

Quentin Quire had a bit of a rough start with his X-Men debut back in 2002 when he was introduced in the controversial “New X-Men” books. This is when the X-Men were somewhat rebranded to a somewhat overboard level.

Quentin led a group of kids to rise up against authority while also dealing the mutant power enhancing drug “Kick” that he was also horribly addicted to. Over time the character calmed down considerably to be less of a punk rock caricature and more just a regular ol’ punk.

He’s also one of the few “omega level” mutants in Marvel. A person of incalculable power. He’s telepathic, telekinetic, able to astral project, create illusions, mind control people, absorb any information he comes across permanently (making him a book-smart genius). And much like Psylocke, he’s able to create psionic weapons that are essentially energy guns that cause ridiculous amounts of psychic damage causing the victims to be knocked unconscious or even comatose.

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In Marvel snap, Quentin’s impressive powers mixed with his pension for anarchy could be well displayed. A card that could read “When played, this card moves all of your other played cards to random locations.” It would, essentially, take all your cards and randomly move them causing a chaotic shuffle that could be a Hail Mary in a losing situation.

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Sooraya Qadir has lived a life very far removed from charmed. As a little kid she was kidnapped from her family whom she’d never see again and then sold off in a slavery ring until years later when Wolverine and Phantomex rescued her.

Eventually she came to a point in her life where she was scared and isolated. Wanting to go somewhere she felt safe but also afraid to show herself, she used her power to scatter herself into bits of sand and head around the X-Mansion, the old base of the X-Men where she stayed hidden, observing everyone, until Jean Grey sensed her thought patterns and convinced her to show herself.

Now, under the moniker of “Dust,” Sooraya is an incredibly powerful mutant with the ability to turn into a sentient sand storm moving so fast and powerfully it can rend meat off bone. A skill she’s unfortunately had to demonstrate on more than one occasion. Luckily, a life time of dealing with the bigotry inherent in America have helped her hone a level of self-control that, luckily for her enemies, allows her to stop a threat without killing them.

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Her powers could be really fun in Marvel Snap too. Imagine a card that, when played temporarily turned every location to a “sandstorm” for one turn. After the next turn the locations would be re-revealed only to show that each location has been shuffled elsewhere. Meanwhile, from the player’s end, you would see where the locations moved the whole time giving you the edge over your opponent for one turn.

Obviously there’s many more characters out there in Marvel that would make fantastic cards: Surge, Pixie, Coy Boy, Gravity, Hercules, Moonstone, heck, even H.E.R.B.I.E. But luckily Marvel Snap is doing well and always tries to add more cards so I feel like as long as Marvel Snap continues to shine we’ll see these characters soon enough.