Marvel Snap: Five characters we want added to the game

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Historically, the X-Men have always been about weirder characters, many like Nightcrawler and Beast who cannot pass as standard “flatscans” or powerless humans. But even in a place of metal skin, pointy ears, and a surprising amount of tails, one character stands out amongst them, weirder than most: Japheth, A.K.A. Maggott.

A tall man with brilliant blue skin and a weird tuft of bright white hair is already an interesting first impression. Especially when you take into account his two maggots, Eany and Meany, two massive metallic looking maggots that function as Maggot’s external digestive system.

His two maggots (of which he shares a telepathic bond) are able to eat pretty much any type of matter, breaking it down and then returning it to Maggott where his body converts the energy into increased durability and strength. His lack of taking part in battles is actually the reason that he went from how he looks in the picture above to how he looks now.

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To say Maggott is not a popular character is a bit of an understatement. He often shows up as the brunt of a joke showing up in the background just to let readers know that someone is hanging out with the bench warmers of the X-Men. But I think he could work great here.

Maggott could potentially be a 6-cost gamble of a card. Sending out Eany and Meany, they’d seek out the last two cards your opponent played and Maggott himself would gain their combined power. It wouldn’t destroy the opponent’s card but, if you’re lucky and your opponent waited till the last turn to play their big guns (like if you expect the Infininaut) Maggot would pay off nicely.

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Fadi Fadlalah is a pretty new entry to the superhero scene, debuting in issue 13 of “The Magnificent Ms. Marvel” back in 2020. He’s also is a Muslim superhero, a rarity for Marvel.

Part of a family who’s ancestors were tasked in finding a thousand cursed items scattered across the globe by an evil sorcerer, Fadi was entrusted with the family armor and more important, amulet, becoming a superhero of the same name.

Fadi’s powers allow him to draw off the love of those around him to create shields. Anything from a small wrist guard to a massive dome depending on the love of those around him. And, should the mood strike and he finds the need to strike as well, he can also use these shields to hit enemies like a buff Steven Universe.

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In Marvel Snap, Amulet could use his defensive powers for good use. His text could read: “When played, create a single use shield at the other two locations that protect for one hit.”

Essentially if you played him at area 1 (for example) areas 2 and 3 would have a mythical nazar sigil over them that would protect a card there from being destroyed once. This would stop a Gambit attack or a Negasonic Teenage Warhead play and then the shield on that area would disappear.

Currently, Armor is about the only defensive card out there and it would be nice to have a new defensive option.