Marvel Snap: Five characters we want added to the game

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Marvel Snap has a wealth of characters in the game. Developer Nuverse pulls from Marvel’s seemingly endless list of characters — from the popular ones like Wolverine and Miles Morales to the lesser-known ones like Hazmat and Rockslide — and creates some exciting card mechanics with them.

But Marvel still has a ton of untapped characters who have powers that would make things interesting in Marvel Snap, and possibly create powerful new metas to change things up.

While cards like the High Evolutionary created the ability to give new powers to the few cards you receive early on that have no powers, there’s a lot of characters that have wonderful abilities that would work great here. Here’s five right off the ol’ dome.

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Listen, I know that movies and what not keep trying to play matchmaker with Miles and Gwen but in the comics he’s got himself a girlfriend and not only are they actually from the same dimension, but she’s amazing.

Tiana Toomes is a hero who at first glance, based off the wings and colors, looks like she might be in the running for a Falcon Fan. But it’s later revealed that she was raised by her grandfather who, to Miles’ surprise, is none-other-than long time Spidey-villain, Adrian Toomes, also know as The Vulture.

Her set of powerful wings allow her to keep up with Miles while also allowing her to carry a surprising amount while in flight.

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Her attitude often gets her in trouble first as she’s the type to get overconfident about her bullet-proof wings and dive headlong into a fight. While she has a pretty good track record of winning her battles, she’s bitten off more than she can do against higher-tier villains like Taskmaster on several occasions.

This would be reflected in potential move text. I would imagine something like “Next time your opponent makes a move that would affect your cards, Starling dives in and takes the brunt of it.”

If Hazmet showed up to take away -1 from your 7 cards, Starling, instead, would take -7. If someone moved one of your cards to a place where it would be destroyed, Starling swoops over them and gets destroyed instead. She’d be like a reverse Angel. Instead of showing up when your card is destroyed, she’d prevent the destruction at the loss of herself.