Diablo IV: How to respec your Skill Points

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Diablo IV allows you to create some pretty powerful build thanks to the classes and abilities combo. Throughout the game, you will receive Skill Points that you can use on your Skill Tree to unlock great abilities.

If you do not like the path of skills that you have chosen, you can respec and refund your skill points so that you can try out other builds. Respeccing isn’t new to the Diablo franchise, but Diablo IV has definitely taken a more balanced approach to the respec game.

How to respec in Diablo IV

If you are looking to repsec your Skill Points in Diablo IV, you are first going to want to open your inventory menu and scroll over to the abilities tab. This is where you will be able to view all your Skill Points that you have used so far and this is also where you can begin to respec some or all of your Skill Points.

If you look at the bottom of the Skill Tree menu, you will see an option for “Refund All.” This option will respec all your Skill Points and allow you to gain every Skill Point you have used so far throughout the game back to start a fresh build. Sometimes this is useful if you are trying to create new builds, but this isn’t going to always be the approach you are looking to take.

The other option that you have is to respec single abilities. Sometimes you will just need a little bit of a change when you aren’t looking to completely strip your entire build down. If this is the case, respeccing single abilities may be your route you plan on taking.

Whatever route you end up taking, you are going to need to know that respeccing isn’t going to be cheap. If you respec your Skill Points before you reach level 10, everything is free. If you start to respec after you reach level 10, it costs gold.

During the early stages after level 10, respeccing won’t cost you a ton of gold. However, as you begin to climb to much higher levels, respeccing starts to become a bit more costly.

This is the more balanced approach that Blizzard has taken with Diablo IV. Blizzard is still allowing you to respec as much as you want, but not without a cost. I think this approach works out perfectly because you won’t be able to abuse the repseccing system, but respec is still available to you if you are willing to spend some of your gold.

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As you may guess, as you get further into the game, the “Refund All” option is going to get quite pricey. This is why respeccing single abilities is a much cheaper route to take, but sometimes you just need a fresh start and refunding every Skill Point might be an option you consider. If that is the case, now you know exactly how to do that. Respeccing in Diablo IV isn’t hard by any means, but things can get a little pricey as you make your way to the end of the game and beyond.