Eternights is an absolutely crazy hybrid of monster fighting and dating sims

Studio Sai
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During the recent PC Gaming Show, there was a game revealed that legit made me do a double-take. When I saw the trailer for Eternights I thought I was having some sort of bizarre fever dream or witnessing a technical glitch in which two trailers were playing at the same time.

Someone accidentally queued up a dating sim trailer while an action RPG trailer was rolling. That’s what I thought, but my brain meats were eventually able to realize what I was seeing and, honestly, I’m both confused and excited.

In Eternights you play as a protagonist trying to save the world in the wake of a virus that has turned thousands of people into strange monsters.  While your character didn’t change, himself, it cost him an arm and a leg. Well, mostly an arm as his has been replaced with a strange shape changing device that grants all sorts of interesting abilities. Now he not only has to deal with the monsters and save the world but see if he can find some sort of cure in the process to help prevent more monsters from showing up.

Normally that would be where the description ends. Not for Eternights, however.

When you’re not making moves on the enemies with your stylish combos, you’ll also be making your moves out on the dating scene. A good chunk of Eternights centers around you running into fellow survivors and going on dates with them during the calm in the storm. As you form a relationship you can have them come into battle with you during the more monstery bits.

The dates themselves still have a good deal of gameplay. As you take a girl on a date you play cute mini-games with them that help progress the effectiveness of said date. Get closer and her abilities in battle enhance.

As you can see in the gameplay bits of the trailer above the fights themselves take place fighting creates with melee combat while the girl you’ve taken into battle falls back and blasts the foe using what I can only describe as magic girl abilities. If you know you know.

From the looks of what I’ve seen it also appears that you can have multiple girls fighting along with you so either friendship is an option or your character is the first Mormon protagonist.

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There’s a lot of unanswered questions I’d still love to know about this game, but I’m so curious by this bizarre hybrid that I can’t wait to find out the answers first hand. Eternights comes out on September 21, 2023 for PS4, PS5, and Steam. Save the date.