Diablo IV: Paragon Board, Glyphs, and Nightmare Dungeons explained

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Nightmare Dungeons

Diablo IV dungeons are iconic to the series and are an integral part of the Paragon system in the game. By visiting an Occultist vendor in any of the major towns in Sanctuary, you’ll be able to craft Nightmare Sigils. These sigils will act as a “key” to transform normal dungeons into Nightmare Dungeons and range from Tier 1 all the way to Tier 100, each with unique modifiers altering the gameplay. Think of them like Destiny Nightfalls.

Upon completing a Nightmare Dungeon in Diablo IV, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to upgrade your Paragon Glyphs. Each rank in the Glyph increases the bonuses you receive and upon reaching level 15, will expand the radius on the Paragon board allowing for more nodes to apply towards the unlock bonuses.

Nightmare Dungeons will also drop additional Glyphs for you to use on your Paragon board and occasionally drop sigils for you to use to open other Nightmare Dungeons. If your consumables tab starts to fill up, don’t worry, you can head over to the Occultist to salvage the extra sigils you have on hand for sigil dust. This dust can be used to make higher tier sigils.

Final Thoughts

The Diablo IV Paragon System provides extremely powerful buffs for your character. However, it’s important to note that not every node can be unlocked so choose wisely on your grind to 100. Every choice you make along the way can be reverted though…for a price.

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