Diablo IV: Paragon Board, Glyphs, and Nightmare Dungeons explained

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The Diablo IV end game is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game due to its intricate Paragon and Glyphs system. While this system can be complicated, it’s actually really easy to understand once you’ve reached end game and able to explore the Paragon board. Although the Paragon system is extremely different than in the past, that turns out to be a good thing due to the various builds the game has to offer.

The Paragon System Explained

Upon reaching level 50 in Diablo IV, you’ll be given one point in the Paragon system and immediately unlock the “Paragon Starting Node” on the board. Think of this first Paragon board as a puzzle piece. As you continue leveling past 50, each 25% of the XP bar will unlock an additional Paragon point for you to use. The path you take on your first puzzle piece is ultimately up to you, moving along the board by choosing perks that are adjacent to your previously purchased node.

Along the way, you’ll come across clusters of Magic (blue) and Rare (yellow) nodes. These nodes grant additional buffs to your character above and beyond the basic nodes, with each Rare node having an additional bonus unlock if you meet the requirement.

Furthermore, the Paragon board will have what’s called a “Glyph Socket.” As you move along the board, you unlock the socket just like you do any other node. Once unlocked, you have the ability to slot a Magic or Rare glyph of your choosing.

Once a Glyph is socketed, the board will highlight nodes in red that will apply toward the requirement set forth on the node. This radius can be upgraded, allowing more nodes to be applied towards the requirement, and additional rare glyphs can be earned in-game. Don’t be surprised if your first socketed Glyph bonus is unable to be achieved. More on how to overcome this later.

Diablo IV Paragon
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As you unlock more nodes, you’ll eventually come to the end of the board through what’s called a “Board Attachment Gate.” Once unlocked, you will be presented with the option to choose another Paragon board to attach to your starting board. This time, however, you will choose a board with a Legendary node. These nodes provide unique buffs to your character once unlocked.