Diablo IV: Sacred and Ancestral loot farming guide

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Dungeon farming

Dungeons can be repeated over and over again in Diablo IV. World Tier 3 upgrades the enemies so that sacred loot drops from them. The higher level enemies, the more likely you are to get them to drop. I use a Sorceror build and found a good dungeon while looking for my Aspect of the Umbral to get me a mana refill every time I crowd controlled an enemy. It’s the Champion’s Demise dungeon in Dry Steppes. There are so many elite enemies here that you can just fast track the dungeon once you’ve completed it once. I ran through the dungeon four times, and I had to go back to the blacksmith in between each run because I filled up my entire roster of gear with sacred items. I didn’t need to finish the dungeon after completing it, I just wiped out the elites and left. You may find a different dungeons, but this one was super easy and takes less than 10 minutes every run if all you do is run and take out the elite enemies. Once you’re done, teleporting back to a city or blacksmith resets the dungeon.

Tree of Whispers

You come across the Tree at the end of the campaign and it is an ongoing event during World Tier 3 and 4. Settling the debts for the tree and killing enemies earns you items that you trade into the tree for items. One of these is Sacred loot items. You can also get Nightmare Sigils you can use to increase the difficulty and rewards in dungeons.

Out of all of these ways, the quickest way to get them is to farm a dungeon or use the Purveyor of Curiosities from the world event Obols. These world events respawn within a minute sometimes, so you can easily spam them. The basic cap is 500, but you’ll most likely be over that once you hit Tier 3. Altars of Lilith increase your capacity by a few and you can also earn a higher capacity from each section of the map once your renown gets high enough. Some pieces of gear only cost 40 Obols, so even the basic cap of 500 can get you 12 sacred items in one go, and odds are one of them will fit your build.

We hope this helps, and let us know your best way to farm Sacred loot. It also works for Ancestral loot in Tier 4, the game’s highest level. Diablo IV is out now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.