Diablo IV: Sacred and Ancestral loot farming guide

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Diablo IV has so many different types of gears and loadout possibilities that trying to figure out the best spec for your character can be a bit frustrating. Once you complete the campaign, that changes with the ability to equip Sacred loot in World Tier 3. There are a few ways to pick up this gear, and we take you through the best ways below.


The first one is guaranteed, and it deals with the Purveyor of Curiosities. As you know, you will need Obols to trade for a random roll of a specific item type you choose. You will get these from world events all over the map as well as sometimes in a dungeon’s final chest (rare). Once you hit World Tier 3, the Purveyor changes. At any point, there is a single type of gear that will be highlighted in gold. Every item purchased from this gear type will be a guaranteed Sacred loot item. The selected gear type changes every hour on the hour.

The best part about this is that even if you do not necessarily want the gear type that is currently highlighted, you can take the chance that you will get a good aspect on the item you snag. All you have to do then is remove the aspect from the Occultist shop and throw it on another piece of gear you’re using. In World Tier 4 this works the same way with the exception that the items are highlighted in silver and not gold.

Helltide Events

These are crazy events that turn an entire section of the map red. The events are timed with a set schedule that loops just about every week (almost 8 days pretty much). These last for one hour each and then are followed by a rest period of 75 minutes. This means that a new event will start every two hours and 15 minutes. During these events, you will earn Aberrant Cinders from enemy drops. You can’t miss them as they are highlighted differently than any other item in the game. There are treasure chest icons on your in game mini-map (not the main game map) that you will see while running around fighting enemies. Each one tells you how any Aberrant Cinders you need to get an item from it. You’ll need to find one that requires 125 Cinders in order to grab a piece of Sacred loot as the others go up to legendary. Each chest gives a specific type of gear, so you’ll need to explore to find the one you want.

You can check out the Helltide timer from this website.