Diablo IV best Rogue build: Skills and gear for Twisted Blades

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Diablo IV Beta Rogue skills: Full list
Diablo IV Beta Rogue skills: Full list /

The Build in Action

This Twisting Blades build is extremely powerful but does take some practice to master. When approaching targets, you’ll want to imbue your weapons with Shadow Imbuement followed by a Dash or Shadow Step. Once you’ve struck, you’ll want to use Puncture to make the targets Vulnerable and follow up with Twisting Blades. Rinse and repeat as you move through the shadows. For tough targets, spawn in backup using your Shadow Clone.


Now that we’ve covered the backbones of the Rogue in Diablo IV, you’ll want to focus on a few pieces of legendary gear and/or aspects that make you an unkillable, agile warrior:

  • Bladedancer’s Aspect – Twisting Blades will now orbit around you for a short period of time on return, dealing additional damage.
  • Aspect of the Protector – Damaging an elite will grant you a Barrier for 10 seconds, able to be triggered once every 30 seconds.
  • Conceited Offensive Aspect – You deal increased damage to targets while having a Barrier active.
  • Ravager’s Aspect – Shadow Step gains an additional charge. Killing an enemy using Shadow Step will refund a charge and increase the damage of your next Shadow Step cast within a short amount of time.

In your hunt for the above gear and/or aspects, you’ll want to build around armor with critical hit chance/damage, in addition to any armor perks that buff them.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re leveling, farming dungeons, or heading to the Fields of Hatred for PVP, this Twisting Blades Rogue build is one of the best in the game. While it isn’t as easy to use as some of the other classes in Diablo IV, it’s worth it if you can master it.

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