Diablo IV Error Code 300022: How to fix problem logging in

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Diablo IV officially launched this week for everyone who hasn’t already been playing in Early Access. And, surprise, surprise, the game is experiencing some launch issues. Players have been greeted by various error messages, one of them being “Code 300022.”

This code can appear when you are attempting to log in. You’ll receive the message, “There was a problem logging in.” Well, clearly. But what is causing it? And more importantly, how do you fix it?

What is Diablo IV Error Code 300022?

Diablo IV Error Code 300022 has been around since the beta, but if you are just playing for the first time ever then it’s no doubt a frustrating issue to come across.  As the warning message vaguely alludes to, this specific error code indicates a problem with the game’s servers or network connectivity. The exact cause of the error varies, but it’s generally related to server issues for the game or timeouts based on your connection.

How to fix Diablo IV Error Code 300022?

Because this is likely a server-side issue and not your specific connection, all you can really do is wait. You can try to reboot the game and attempt to login again, but that’s not guaranteed to work.  If the server are experiencing high traffic, you may not be able to play until later on when fewer people are attempting to login.

Not exactly the fix you were hoping for I bet, but that’s just how things tend to go with online connected games at launch. Diablo IV isn’t the first game to experience connectivity issues at launch and most definitely won’t be the last. All we can do is wait for Blizzard to come up with a more permanent fix for the issue which should come sooner rather than later. These kinds of issues tend to sort themselves out by the end of the first week of launch.