Diablo IV: Best Sorceror Ice Build for leveling

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Boss Fight Strategy

This took me a minute to get, but once you get it down you’ll be able to melt bossed pretty quickly. First off you will want to trigger Ice Armor right away if you don’t have the Aspect of the Protector or if the time isn’t up yet. Having your barrier up allows your Ice Shards to treat the boss like he’s frozen. Since they can’t be frozen, this allows you to get that extra increase in damage. Next, pop off your Frost Nova right away because it will make the boss Vulnerable and take 20% more damage.

While your Ice Armor is up, you can also use Blizzard for an over time effect with the increase damage to frozen enemies.


I use the Deep Freeze. This encases you in a solid block of ice making you completely invulnerable to all attacks, even bosses. It deals out pulses of damage for six seconds then explodes for a massive hit. I like using this instead of Teleport because it adds in a safety measure for a huge crowd number one, and number two it’s great for boss fights to deal out a huge chunk of damage in one shot with the extra damage buffs from your other skills.

Passive skills

These skills are constantly up for you and will change depending upon your build. For the ice build sorceror, one of the main ones you’ll want are the following

  1. Icy Veil – increase your Ice Barrier time
  2. Cold front – deal 6% (can be upgraded) more chill with a barrier up
  3. permafrost – 5% (can be upgraded) more damage to elites. Combines with the above Ice Barrier and Frost Nova increase damage
  4. Hoarfrost – 3% to chilled, 6% to frozen increase damage
  5. Icy Touch – 4% (upgraded) to vulnerable enemies

Another one you can quite easily miss is another aspect, but it’s not a codex item in a dungeon. The Everliving Aspect is on legendary items and can be randomly found on one that’s dropped. When you break it down you’ll get the item, which will give you a 20-25% damage reduction from vulnerable enemies. So, this means bosses (which will be constantly vulnerable with this build) will deal you this much less damage while taking all the increased damage from you. Keep an eye out for this one as I almost missed it but was luckily enough to grab.

All of these will help you along your way to level 50, at which point we can tweek the build a little bit. As far as gear goes, you’ll CONSTANTLY be getting new gear switched out. It doesn’t really matter the overall item score, but you’ll want to keep an eye out for Willpower and Intelligence for the sorceror as well as crowd control buffs and debuffs.

Following this will help you melt through enemies and make quick work of even the biggest mobs. Diablo IV will be available on June 6 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.