Diablo IV: How to upgrade and increase healing potions

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Diablo IV is available now in early access for those who pre-ordered and people can start exploring Sanctuary five days before everyone else. One of the main things you will need in order to survive your battle in hell is plenty of healing potions. These can be upgraded along your travels, but you won’t be able to do it right away. Below, we take you through exactly what you need in order to max out your healing potions as well increase their power to the highest level.

There are a total of eight upgrades available to increase the power of your healing potions in Diablo IV. In order to start, you’ll need to get your character to level 10. Once you do, a quest will pop up to see Veroka in one of the cities called “Healing potion upgrading”. I suggest doing this right away because the increase you get from the initial stock healing to the first upgrade is just about three times the power. You’ll need two Gallowine to do this, but by then you should have plenty of them. These are the tiny plants that grow around the area you will see highlighted as you travel. All of your upgrades can be unlocked whenever you want after this as long as you have the proper ingredients. Each upgrade level gives you a certain amount of health off the bat plus a then 35% of your total HP over a 3 second span. Below, you’ll find each upgrade plus the initial burst of health along with the needed ingredients.

  1. Weak potion – +17 health – stock potion
  2. Tiny potion – Level 10 – +48 health – 2 Gallowine
  3. Minor – Level 20 – +80 health – 15 gallowine, 2 biteberry
  4. Light – Level 30 – +141 health – 20 gallowine, 10 biteberry, 5 crushed beast bones
  5. Moderate – Level 45 – +255 health – 20 gallowine, 12 Howler moss, 5 Demon’s heart
  6. Strong – Level 60 – +378 health – 27 gallowine, 15 Reddamine, 5 Paletongue
  7. Greater – Level 70 – +559 health- 36 blightshade, 18 lifesbane, 5 grave dusk, angel breath
  8. Major – Level 80- +827 health- 10 Angelbreath, 27 Reddamine, 27 Biteberry, 27 Blightshade, 27 Lifeshade, 27 Howler Moss, 5 Fiend Rose
  9. Superior – Level 90- +1,274 health- 10 Forgotten Soul, 20 Angelbreath, 10 Fiend Rose, 20 Grave Dust, 36 Blightshade, 20 Demon’s Heart, 36 Howler Moss

You can also upgrade the amount of potions you can carry. You begin with a stock of 4, but can increase it 5 times to 9. You need to complete side quests, find areas, conquer dungeons, strongholds, find savepoints, and altars of Lilith in order to earn renown in each of the game’s areas. You get a certain amount of points for each one, and getting to 300 earns you an extra potion. It will take a bit, though, as you don’t get that many points for each thing. Altars of Lilith get you 10 points, side quests and fast travel points get you 20, dungeons are 30 and strongholds are 100.

It’s more important at the beginning of the game to focus on the upgrades because your character is weaker and you will need the help you can get in the dungeons. You’ll be able to earn your ingredients over time as you level up while also increasing your character’s durability. Be sure to explore as much as you can because healing is an integral part of Diablo IV.

Diablo IV is available now in early access on PS5, Xbox series and PC and will release on June 6 for everyone