WWE 2K23: Every available locker code for May 2023

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WWE 2K23 has been released for over two months now and you have probably gotten through a good portion of the game by now. There are tons of new features that were added to this year’s game that has really elevated the game from past years. The added features were added to make sure gamers get the best possible wrestling experience in the comfort of their own home. One that they can control. One of the aspects of WWE 2K23 that isn’t new is Locker Codes.

If you played WWE 2K22, you may be familiar with Locker Codes. If you are unfamiliar with Locker Codes, these codes allow you to earn tons of free items in the MyFaction game mode for basically doing nothing at all. All you have to do is input the codes and claim your rewards.

Locker Codes come and go. While there are a few that are permanent, most of the Locker Codes that are input into the game actually expire after a while. Normally when there is a PPV coming up or a big WWE event, WWE and 2K will release new Locker Codes to get you a bit more hyped of what is to come.

WWE 2K23: Current Locker Codes that work as of May 2023

  • UPUPDOWNDOWN: Tyler Breeze emerald manager
  • NEWDAYROCKS: Xavier Woods emerald manager
  • AUSTIN316ESB: Seth Rollins card, AJ Styles card, Gunther card, Mustafa Ali card, 1x Phenemonal MyFaction Basic Pack
  • NOCWWE2K23: Steve Austin ‘Broken Skull’ emerald card

Currently, there are only four codes that are active. The “UPUPDOWNDOWN” and “NEWDAYROCKS” codes are permanent. These will never expire. However, the “AUSTIN316ESB” and the “NOCWWE2K23” codes are time-sensitive. After a short period of time, they will no longer be active. That is why it is best to redeem these codes as soon as possible before they can’t be used any longer. The expiration date on the time-sensitive codes usually only lasts for a couple of days before they are gone.

How to redeem Locker Codes in MyFaction

Redeeming Locker Codes in WWE 2K23 is really simple. However, if you have never done it before, you may not know where to go.

  1. Head on over to the MyFaction game mode
  2. Once in MyFaction, scroll to the “Live” tab and select the Locker Codes option.
  3. Input your desired Locker Code

None of the active Locker Codes reward you with card packs. If they ever do and you receive a card pack for a reward, they can be found in the “Store” tab in the “unopened packs” section. That is all you have to do to get your rewards.

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Take advantage of these Locker Codes as soon as you can. The greater number of free items you are able to acquire the better. Also, be on the lookout for more Locker Codes down the line. WWE 2K23 will be adding more as more WWE events are held.