Three video games that would make perfect television series adaptations

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Red Dead Online
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Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games makes their second appearance on this list with their Western hit. Shows like Westworld have shown that Westerns can make a comeback as well as Yellowstone, it could be a perfect time to capitalize on a Red Dead Redemption TV show. John Marston is one of the best characters written in a video game and if you could get the storyline right, it could be incredible.

Westworld, at least the first season, was some of the best writing in a TV show and the show played on human nature when we are left to our own devices. The idea behind the show was what could human nature be come in a world where there are not consequences for your actions? This is an interesting take on human nature and something I’d love to see with the Red Dead Redemption IP from a video game to the small screen.

Who I ‘d like to see as the actor to portray him would be Jon Berthnal and the creative team I’d like to see the team behind Westworld take a crack at making this something that could be true to form for the game. His roles in The Walking Dead and with The Punisher could help him with the gritty role.

HBO, if you’re reading this, please pick this up and treat this with the love and care you did with The Last of Us.